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Early Adopter Program Details

What is PandaBoard ?

PandaBoard is a open OMAP4 mobile development platform. PandaBoard is supported via the community at PandaBoard will be sold via distribution channels.

What is the PandaBoard Early Adopter Program (PEAP) ?

PEAP is the fastest way you can get access to a PandaBoard. It is intended to build a range of opensource community projects before the boards ship out to general public.

Who can participate?

It's open to all.

What is the selection Criteria?

A group of Community members will be identified as Judges to review the proposals. The judges will choose the early adopters and the criteria for selection will include but not limited to :
* Project's coolness factor
* Ability of the submitter to execute the project based on his/her background
* Perceived community need for the project's solution
* Potential for the project to leverage the power of OMAP4 & features of PandaBoard platform

What after winning a board?

You will be contacted for providing details of shipping address. We expect you to register the project details on once the board arrives and start working on the project. The PandaBoard is all yours to keep & execute the project.
Approximately, 2 months down the road you will receive a survey to provide feedback on PEAP & status, challenges of your project. The summary of the findings will anonymously made available to wider PandaBoard community.

Should the solution be open?

Yes, we require you to start & publish your work in public domain using any OSI approved license.

Great, what are the timelines?

PEAP will run in 2 Phases.
Phase 1:
Last date to submit proposals: Oct 9, 2010
Judges select TOP 5 projects: Oct 11, 2010
Boards ship to winning project proposals: Oct 12-15, 2010
Phase 2:
Last date to submit proposal: Oct 22, 2010
Judges select TOP 10 projects: Oct 25, 2010
Boards ship to winning project proposals: Oct 26-29, 2010

What if my proposal is not selected in Phase I should I resubmit it?

No. Projects not selected in Phase I will automatically be considered during Phase II.

Still need more information?

Submit your questions and concerns to We will try to answer any and all questions within 48-hours.

Add your project ideas to: PEAP Projects

PandaBoard Information

Platform Images
PandaBoard top view.png
PandaBoard Setup.png
PandaBoard block diagram.png
PandaBoard Top View
PandaBoard Setup Guide
PandaBoard Block Diagram

Technical Information Community Support

IRC: #linux-omap on

Mailing List:

Android: If you run into issues enabling WiLink (802.11, Bluetooth, FM) drivers on the Android platform, a good place to ask is You should first subscribe to this list from omapandroid-discussion

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