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[edit] Non-Android Linux Distributions

[edit] WLAN Firmware

[edit] Build WLAN Driver

WLAN build based on community release L23.i3.3

Install click wrap: Fw1273_CHIP.bin

  * Copy Fw1273_CHIP.bin to $WLAN_ROOT/fw/Latest/

1. Clone the WLAN source from the link git://dev.omapzoom.org/pub/scm/vijay/wlan.git;protocol=git;branch=master

2. Copy firmware (Fw1273_CHIP.bin) to $WLAN_ROOT/platforms/os/linux.

3. cd $WLAN_ROOT/platforms/os/linux.

4. Setup the environment

  * export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
  * export ARCH=arm
  * export HOST_PLATFORM=zoom3

5. make BUILD_SUPPL=n

6. The built packages are tarred as zoom3Binaries.tar containing the following binaries

  * sdio.ko
  * tiwlan_drv.ko
  * wlan_cu
  * tiwlan_loader
  * tiwlan.ini

7. Create a "wlan" folder in the root of the Angstrom filesystem and copy the files listed above

8. To load WLAN drivers at startup...

Install WLAN script (to be added) into etc/init.d/wlan and create the soft links as shown below

e.g. sudo ln -s ../init.d/wlan K29Wlan

In etc/rc0.d directory create soft link K29Wlan pointing to ../init.d/wlan

In etc/rc1.d also same as above

In etc/rc2.d directory create soft link S29Wlan pointing to ../init.d/wlan

In etc/rc3.d same as above

In etc/rc5.d directory create soft link S29Wlan pointing to ../init.d/wlan

In etc/rc6.d directory create soft link K29Wlan pointing to ../init.d/wlan

System boot ups with WLAN drivers installed

9. Test WLAN

By default, it is not connected to a wireless network. Wlan_Supplicant needs to be verified.

Start the WLAN-TI CLI to scan and connect to an AP

Once Angstrom loads and logged in as 'root', execute /wlan/wlan_cu to scan the available wireless networks.

- ./wlan_cu -b
- / a s              --> scan for the AP's in the vicinity
- / c b              --> List the AP's scanned thus far
- c "name_of_AP" --> connect to one of the AP's listed above; e.g. c "WAC"
  1. ifdown tiwlan0
  2. ifup tiwlan0

This will enable TI WLAN and select ifupdown(wlan0) in the Network Manager Applet in the Angstrom UI. The wireless connection will be established.

Internet can be accessed via any exlorer, Midori or Firefox.

     * ifconfig --> see all connections
     * ifdown <interface> --> turns off network driver
     * ifup <interface> -->turns on network drivers
        * e.g. interface=eth0, interface=tiwlan0
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