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[edit] TI Clock Tree Tool(CTT)

Clock Tree Tool is software used to understand the complex clock framework dependencies on OMAP chips. This is an excellent tool for learning to debug and understand the clock framework dependencies. Using this tool clock dependencies can be traced all the way from the oscillator on the board to the clocks in the IP functional block of interest. TI official site has links to download the CTT.

Note: this page was originated with CTT version v1.7.0.3

[edit] Installing and Using TI Clock Tree Tool(CTT)

[edit] Supported Operating Systems

This wiki describes the steps performed using Ubuntu 9.10

[edit] Downloads Required

 $ sudo apt-get install java-common sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin unzip

NOTE dpkg -L sun-java6-bin should show that it is atleast revision (the install directory shows the version)

[edit] Subnote for ubuntu 10.04

It is possible that the partner repository is not enabled in Ubuntu 10.04 default installation - you can follow the following steps to get sun jdk installed instead

sudo apt-get remove icedtea6-plugin
sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
sudo update-alternatives --config java
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin

[edit] Installation Steps

Install the CTT tool and JGraphLib tool to get started..

[edit] CTT installation

$ unzip CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3.zip 
Archive:  CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3.zip
   creating: CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/
  inflating: CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/CTT_USER_MANUAL_v1.7.pdf  
  inflating: CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/Install Instruction.txt  
  inflating: CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/Installer-CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3.jar
 ./$ cd CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/
 ./CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3 $ ls
  CTT_USER_MANUAL_v1.7.pdf                  Install Instruction.txt
  ./CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3$ java -jar Installer-CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3.jar
alt Installation step 1 - Install CTT and App report
alt Installation step 2 - Read & Accept the EULA
alt Installation step 3 - Read & Accept the export control notice
alt Installation step 4 - Select installation path

NOTE The installer installs the packages in a file hierarchy as follows from the selected installation path

`-- CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3
    |-- CTT4430-v1.7.0.3.jar
    |-- Docs
    |   |-- CTT_USER_MANUAL_v1.7.pdf
    |   |-- Export Notice.htm
    |   |-- Libraries.htm
    |   |-- SWPA175_v1.0.pdf
    |   `-- WTBU License.htm
    |-- JGraphLib
    |   `-- README.txt
    |-- Scripts
    `-- XMLFiles

NOTE the locations of CTT4430-v1.7.0.3.jar and JGraphLib, we will need it later in the installation and execution steps

alt Installation step 5 - Installation complete note
alt Installation step 6 - Readme - note the info on JGraphLib

[edit] Manual install

If you can't find the specified JGraph files (they seem to have disappeared from SF.net as of 20/01/2011), grab any jgraph-5.8 library (e.g. this one) and dump it to TI_Clock_Tree_Tool/CTT-OMAP4430ES2.x-v1.7.0.5/JGraphLib/lib/jgraph.jar.

[edit] JGraphLib installation

 $ java -jar ~/Desktop/jgraph- 
alt JGraphLib install step 1 - Read & Accept the LGPL license
alt JGraphLib install step 2 - Select TI_Clock_Tree_Tool/CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3/JGraphLib/ as install directory

NOTE: THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT Remember to install JGraphLib in the Directory JGraphLib where TI Clock Tree Tool is installed

alt JGraphLib install step 3 - Installation success note

[edit] Running CTT

Change directory to the installed directory of CTT.

$ cd TI_Clock_Tree_Tool/CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3
./TI_Clock_Tree_Tool/CTT-OMAP4430ES2.0-v1.7.0.3 $ java -jar CTT4430-v1.7.0.3.jar
alt CTT Startup screen
alt CTT Main screen


 Docs/CTT_USER_MANUAL_v1.7.pdf -> This tells you how to use the CTT
 Docs/SWPA175_v1.0.pdf -> This explains to you the clock architecture of OMAP4 (Strongly recommended reading)

[edit] Providing Feedback for CTT


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