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[edit] Launcher/Renderscript crash during boot (Android)

[edit] Symptoms

An excerpt from an example crash:

I/WindowManager( 1521): WIN DEATH: Window{45cbb4c0 paused=false}
I/WindowManager( 1521): WIN DEATH: Window{45ccffe0 SurfaceView paused=false}
I/ActivityManager( 1521): Process (pid 5876) has died.
I/ActivityManager( 1521): Start proc for activity pid=5888 uid=10008 gids={}
I/UsageStats( 1521): Unexpected resume of while already resumed in
I/ActivityThread( 5888): Publishing provider
V/RenderScript_jni( 5888): createRenderScript
V/RenderScript( 5888): rsContextCreateGL 0x131530, 1
V/RenderScript( 5888): RS Launching thread

[edit] Fix / Workaround

Explanation: the UI Launcher application is now 3D accelerated (via Renderscript/OGLES2). Unfortunately, the Android software GL implementation does not support Renderscript so if you do not have the SGX DDK binaries in the file-system the Launcher application will crash.

The TI/Blaze "board overlay package" enables 3D acceleration.


# Rename, move or delete the following file:
# Build the Launcher app.
cd packages/apps/Launcher2 
mm -B ; # to rebuild 
# Copy the rebuilt Launcher application into your Android file-system
# Alternatively install the new APK with adb:
cd $MYDROID adb install -r out/target/product/blaze/system/app/Launcher2.apk

Alternatively, obtain the relevant SGX DDK binaries and put them in your file-system.

[edit] Will this be fixed?

Probably not. The UI Launcher performance is significantly improved when it utilizes 3D acceleration, enabling this also allows us to validate that this Launcher functionality works in our releases.

Developers and downstream integrators will need to patch their file-systems as a matter of course or ideally obtain the small number of SGX binaries which need to be added for 3D acceleration.

Downstream integrators should examine the contents of $MYDROID/device/ti/blaze/overlay/ as a matter of course or create their own board configuration.

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