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[edit] Downloading the SDK

Note:In order for the SGX (pre-built) kernel modules to work in the system, one has to have running the ***exact*** kernel version that the binaries were compiled against. Please ensure that the correct kernel is loaded on hardware prior to testing.

# cd <$Your path>/<GFX_SDK_Package>/Images

[edit] Installing SDK

[edit] Android

Android Graphics SDK for OMAP34xx is not yet available from TI.

[edit] Angstrom

For information on installing and setting up Angstrom's graphics package visit OMAP Angstrom

[edit] Ogre On Zoom2

This is a GLES renderer for the OGRE3D Gaming Engine, based on the Imagination Technologies provided libraries. The renderers are to be supported natively on the OMAP series of processors, and an equivalent version will be provided for PC emulation. Changes if any will be fed back into the OGRE3D tree.

For more information regarding OGRE3d visit:

[edit] Getting Started

ORGE 3D OGLES project was implemented using an Angstrom file system. Refer to OMAP Angstrom Distro for more information on downloaded and setting up Zoom2 for Angstrom. Once a complete files system is available follow the instructions for installing the graphics package for zoom2, also available on OMAP Angstrom Distro.

[edit] ogre .bb installation

Recipes are currently being tested with available GFX SDK using a narcissus on-line builder. Note: narcissus does not provide ogre as a "Additional X11 package". A full oe environment may be required for installation.

[edit] Quake3 on Zoom2

Quake3 is available at:Angstrom's online builder

Select the following settings:

Data files: Copy Quake 3 data files to usr/lib/quake3/baseq3 directory.

Currently there are a few recipes available on openemedded for building quake. Follow the instructions for installing the graphics package for zoom2.

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