How to enable BT on OMAP+CC2560

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[edit] How to get Android releases for OMAP Blaze/Tablet Platform

Please refer to to get latest Android release for OMAP Blaze/Tablet platforms. Please note that the Android releases for OMAP Blaze/Tablet enables BT on WL127x and WL128x.

[edit] Enable BT on OMAP4+CC2560

1) Please download the service pack for CC256x devices from

2) If you are using CC2560 - Please rename bts file to TIInit_6.2.31.bts

3) If you are using CC2560A - Please rename bts file to TIInit_6.6.15.bts

4) During prepration of Android binaries for SD card or eMMC (, copy service pack as shown below.

export BOARD_TYPE="blaze_tablet" #or "blaze" depending on your board type

cd $MYDROID/out/target/product/$BOARD_TYPE
cp TIInit_6.6.15.bts system/etc/firmware

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