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[edit] Overview

This page describes the USB software development effort for OMAP3 and OMAP4 platforms. The purpose is to provide information on the current status and features planned in the road map.

[edit] List of Features Supported

         Mentor USB OTG
         EHCI PHY and TLL modes
         OHCI PHY and TLL modes
         Mentor USB Host and Gadget modes
         EHCI Ports (USB2.0 High Speed)
         DWC3 Port  (USB3.0 OTG Super Speed Port)
            this port switches mode based on the cable type connected.
            when acting in host mode, the xhci stack is used and it never uses the ehci stack (popular misconception)

[edit] Patches merged in

List of USB patches merged in

[edit] Recent submissions to open-source

- MUSB support for OMAP4
- OHCI support for OMAP3

[edit] Current status of OMAP4 patches in omapzoom tree

GIT tree location:;a=summary

(Last Updated on 16th June 2010)

Patch title Commit-id Author Creation Date Status in Open-source Comments
usb: musb: Fix a bug by making suspend interrupt available in device mode0eac243Maulik Mankad6/15/2010SubmittedAcked-By Felipe Balbi
usb: g_serial: Fix a bug by setting low_latency to 0NAMaulik Mankad6/14/2010SubmittedVersion from Jon Povey accepted
usb: musb: Unmapping the dma buffer when switching to PIO mode.5a0e3adHema HK6/2/2010Submittedreview complete Felipe to merge.
usb: musb: usb: musb: Enable the maximum supported burst mode for dma. Hema HK6/1/2010SubmittedReview pending.
usb: musb: usb: musb: Dynamic dma channel allocation in gadget driver.08ebe59Hema HK5/19/2010SubmittedReview pending.
Fix board data to support device only, host only and OTG roles.a376bacMaulik Mankad5/20/2010SubmittedRejected by David Brownell
USB: MUSB: Fix enumeration when device connected at boot up.e65d73eMaulik Mankad3/4/2010Under PrepWill be redesigned
USB: MUSB: Add phoenix initialization under OMAP4.8c6623dMaulik Mankad3/4/2010Under PrepWon't be required after Phoenix layer is developed.
USB : MUSB : Phoenix settings for Host mode21a6150Maulik Mankad1/22/2010Under PrepWill be redesigned
USB : MUSB : Phoenix settings for USB device mode25cc163Maulik Mankad1/22/2010Under PrepWill be redesigned
OMAP4: Enable Mentor USB options in defconfig7199bf2Maulik Mankad1/22/2010SubmittedWill be merged after driver support goes in 2.6.35
USB: MUSB: Add OMAP4 support in MUSB driverec24e42Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.35
USB: MUSB: Enable MUSB for OMAP4 in Kconfig087ea5eMaulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.35
USB: MUSB: Set transceiver interface typea195288Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.35
ARM : OMAP4 : Add USB support to 4430 SDP board file521c5f3Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.34
ARM : OMAP4 : Add USB support to 4430 SDP board filed11c618Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.34
ARM : OMAP : Remove #ifdef from board-omap3evm.c9f1cc47Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.34
USB : Add empty functions in otg.hadaa378Maulik Mankad1/22/2010MergedPresent in 2.6.34

[edit] Features under development

- EHCI and OHCI power management
- USB host - control transfer failures on OMAP4 (DMA + cache handling)
- Fixes for MUSB OPT test failures
- G_ether and USB-ethernet failures due to DMA alignment requirement in MUSB on OMAP3630 & OMAP4

[edit] Future Development Plan

- HWMOD adaptations for MUSB, EHCI and OHCI for OMAP3/4
- EHCI HSIC support on OMAP4
- Support for FSUSB block on OMAP4
- Phoenix USB transceiver driver
- OTG 2.0 support
- Link Power Management on MUSB
- Compliance to Battery Charging Spec

[edit] Information on USB Testing procedures

[edit] Submit your ideas here

[edit] Owner

[edit] Contributors

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