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[edit] Resources

Want to review the schematics for the platform? How about read some documentation on Zoom? This is the place...

[edit] Platform Configuration

Wondering how to connect or setup your hardware? Don't know what switches to turn on or off.
Maybe this might be a good place to start before moving into more advanced options or features.

[edit] Support Tools

Review the list of support tools/packages used for builds, environment settings and communication between host and devices.
Want to understand how to setup and used the device? Review each sections covered Support Tools.

[edit] Flashing

Wondering how to flash a Zoom? Currently there are many different ways to flash an environment onto a Zoom.
Each has it's advantages and disadvantages but feel free to give each one a try.

[edit] Tools FAQ

Question, questions and more questions... Feel free to review questions related to platform resources, tools, or flashing.

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