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[edit] OpenMAX Overview

This project is meant for making available multimedia components, for OMAP3 and future OMAP revisions, to the developer community.

ARM-side of OpenMAX IL is released as open source (under LGPLv2), with Evaluation firmware for the co-processor.

[edit] For Angstrom/Gstreamer users

Currently, the functionality supported is: MPEG-4 AAC and MPEG-4 decoder (in 0.3.5 package).

The packages are available in the Files section of this project.

Alternate tree structure for the same files can be found in gitorious.

The OMX components can be used with the GStreamer plug-ins (using this library).

[edit] For Android/Opencore users

Since all OpenMax components are available in the public git trees just the DSP binaries are released. For accessing the Android git trees, please refer to Accessing the Sources.
To download the DSP package, look for the "Android_DSP_Binaries" link in the Files section of this project.

Currently, the functionality supported is:

  * MPEG4 AAC decoder
  * MPEG4 Video decoder
  * H264 decoder
  * JPEG decoder 
  * JPEG encoder
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