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There are many pre-built binaries you can use to get started. This page lists the binaries you can download to be up and running immediately.


[edit] Android Prebuilt binaries

[edit] Blaze prebuilt binaries

You can obtain the pre-built binaries for OMAP4 Android release from [gforge]. To get started, use MLO, u-boot.bin, uImage and omap4-fs (file system).

Release L27.4 RC0
Bootloader u-boot.bin


Kernel uImage
File system rootfs

[edit] Zoom2 prebuilt binaries

For those who're looking to quickly get started with Android on a Zoom2 device may download and install the following pre-built binaries to quickly boot the device.

Release Image from 5/15/09Image from 6/29/09
Bootloader Uboot



Uboot MLO

Kernel uImage uImage
File system File System File System

The latest L25.12 binaries (Oct 2009) have been released as RLS25.12 Package. Please refer to the Build instructions section of L25.12 Release Notes for details to work with them

[edit] Ubuntu Prebuilt binaries

Blaze Basic Ubuntu binaries

All pre-built binaries can be found at:

General information regarding pre-built binaries.

General flashing information:

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