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[edit] Android Releases

[edit] What is Android community release?

It is a software release to the OMAP Android community based on RLS25.x or RLS27.x TI Android releases from the open source code off of Omapzoom git tree. In addition, it will have software binaries from TI for OMAP HW acceleration & connectivity integration. The intent of the community release is to enable OMAP community to leverage the power of the platform.

[edit] TI Android releases

In addition to the content available in a community release, there are several other codecs that are also supported on the TI Android releases such as G711 Enc/Dec, G722 Enc/Dec, G726 Enc/Dec, G729 Enc/Dec, H264 Enc, MP3 Dec, AAC Enc, NB-AMR Enc/Dec, WB-AMR Enc/Dec, WMA Dec, WMV Dec etc.

TI releases are also enriched with Image Enhancement Framework, GFX etc.

[edit] Community Releases

[edit] What is released?

It can be any of the below components based on a particular release

  DSP binary package / Ducati binary package
  Connectivity package with firmware
  OpenGL ES Graphics Android SDK starting L25.inc2.5 release

[edit] Supported Features in the Community Release

[edit] MM Use Cases (DSP)

Some example codecs that may be available are:

 MPEG4/H263 Video Dec
 MPEG4/H263 Video Enc
 H264 Video Dec
 AAC Dec

Note: The codecs list may vary by releases

[edit] Connectivity

 WLAN Firmware
 Bluetooth init scripts

[edit] What is being validated?

 Code pulled from the L25x stable release tag for the particular release
 DSP and connectivity binaries on top of the bootloader, kernel and file system built from L25x release

[edit] Test Cases and Test Execution User Guide

This section lists the sanity tests and details on how to execute the tests. The tests listed here are only minimal sanity tests. There are more extensive tests run on the fully featured TI customer releases.

[edit] Releases

Visit: for a complete list of release notes.

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