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[edit] Omap Android Recovery System

On Blaze, pressing down the "green" key while booting the system gets one into the recovery mode. Recovery mode allows one to issue the following commands:

erase /data 
erase /cache
apply from /sdcard

This mode can also be entered from the Android UI:

Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset

These patches are pending to be merged for Recovery UI to work on blaze:,12242,12325

Test Application to invoke recovery manually:,12319

New interface is added to bootloader to allow entry into recovery mode. This is especially useful for devices that do not have any keys (thus no special key presses to enter recovery):

fastboot oem recovery

Java Interface being exercised for Android Recovery system are in:


API to write to /cache/recovery/command file:

private static void bootCommand(Context context, String arg)

API used to pass information:

public static void installPackage(Context context, File packageFile)

API to reset userdata:

public static void rebootWipeUserData(Context context)

Example NexusS recovery procedure:

[edit] Some pictures of Recovery UI On TI Blaze board

2011-03-22 19-27-25 273-II.jpg

2011-03-22 19-27-42 876-III.jpg

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