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[edit] Remote Processor Messaging (RPMsg) Main Page

RPMsg or Remote Processor Messaging is a new open-source friendly Inter Processor Communication (IPC) framework developed in 2011. RPMsg facilitates multimedia applications to offload some of the processor-intensive tasks to dedicated co-processors or hardware accelerators. RPMsg is the IPC component used within Android 4.0 (IceCream Sandwich), and was first developed on top of Linux 3.0 kernel.

RPMsg simplifies a lot of the design features of SysLink 2.0, and provides much simpler userspace interfaces. RPMsg effectively replaces SysLink 2.0 and is intended to run on OMAP4 and beyond, while providing the same core functional features. RPMsg at times may be referred to as SysLink 3.0, to indicate the evolution of the IPC component.

The following are the main features provided by the RPMsg framework:

The following are the main sub-components of RPMsg:

RPMsg is built on top of the upstream VirtIO framework and leverages the following existing upstream components:

Feel free to browse through the following project pages for detailed information including design overview, source code locations, build instructions, customization examples, software samples and debugging features.

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