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[edit] About Distributed Codec Engine

DCE is a library to remotely invoke the hw accellerated codecs on IVA-HD via a syslink/rcm shim layer. This provides access to the Codec Engine codec interface on the coprocessor (ducati/M3) from the host.

It is similar in purpose to remote codec engine, although at the time RCE was not supported on OMAP4430, and DCE was a simple way to get the same result. They should be roughly interchangeable from the user's perspective, with the caveat that the DCE user should use dce_alloc() and dce_free() to allocate/free the control structures that are passed by pointer to CE APIs.

DCE is used by:

If you are using DCE (for anything that can be revealed publicly) let me know and I'll add a link.

Note: look in the README file for the latest version of this document, in particular for the required versions of various dependent components and tools, as these can change over time

A pre-built ducati appm3 image (dce_app_m3.xem3) is found in the firmware directory. The Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3 from syslink build should be used for sysm3 image. The dce_app_m3.xem3 replaces the official OpenMAX base_image_app_m3.xem3.

[edit] How To Build

These instructions are assuming you are cross-compiling on a linux machine for ducati/M3 coprocessor side and natively building the linux/A9 host side (although the instructions for cross-compiling the host side are roughly the same).

The following gives an example of how to build. I don't claim that it is the best or only way. But these are the versions I am currently using:

On linux side, the following versions are used:

[edit] Building Ducati/M3 Side

[edit] Install TMS470/ARM Compiler

Install Code Generation Tools (CGT) from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_<version>

[edit] Install XDC tools

Download XDC tools from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/xdctools_<version>

[edit] Install BIOS

Download BIOS (the RTOS) from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/bios_<version>

[edit] Install Codec Engine

Download Codec Engine (CE) from:

The lite version is fine. Install to $HOME/ducati/codec_engine_<version>

[edit] Install Framework Components

Download Framework Components (FC) from:

The lite version without fctools is fine. Install to $HOME/ducati/framework_components_<version>

[edit] Install XDAIS

Download XDAIS from:

Untar to $HOME/ducati/xdais_<version>

[edit] Install HDVICP2 library codecs

Install HDCICP2 plus desired codecs from:

Install to $HOME/ducati/, and then untar each of the .tar files that were installed.

 cd $HOME/ducati
 for f in ivahd_*.tar; do
   untar xf $f

You should end up with:

[edit] Setup Environment

Setup environment variables needed for the build steps:

export TMS470_C_DIR="$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1/include;$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1/lib"
export TMS470CGTOOLPATH="$HOME/ducati/ti_cgt_tms470_4_6_1"
for f in $HOME/ducati/*/packages; do
export XDCPATH="$XDCPATH$HOME/ducati/bios_6_31_03_25/packages"
export XDCROOT="$HOME/ducati/xdctools_3_20_07_86"
export XDCARGS="profile=release"

Note: if you are using different version numbers, the paths would have to be adjusted accordingly.

[edit] Build Syslink

Clone syslink tree in $HOME/ducati/bios-syslink

cd $HOME/ducati
git clone git://gitorious.org/bios-syslink/bios-syslink.git
cd bios-syslink/packages
git checkout 48e98007e21e311c126f89ff51616bf6d7067b9d

At this point, since we are not building the DSP/c64 image, we can comment out a line in the build.cfg:

diff --git a/packages/config.bld b/packages/config.bld
index 01113a1..17e9862 100644
--- a/packages/config.bld
+++ b/packages/config.bld
@@ -228,6 +228,5 @@ M3.platform = M3.platforms[0];
 //Uncomment the require targets
 Build.targets = [
-                    C64T,

Now resume build:

export XDCBUILDCFG="`pwd`/config.bld"
$XDCROOT/xdc clean -PR ./ti
$XDCROOT/xdc -PR ./ti/sdo ./ti/omap/uart/ ./ti/omap/mem/ ./ti/omap/platform/ ./ti/omap/slpm/ ./ti/omap/deh ./ti/omap/hdmiwa
$XDCROOT/xdc -PR ./ti/omap/samples/notify

When the build succeeds, the sysm3 image will be in: ti/omap/samples/notify/ti_omap_platform_core0/release/Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3.

Note: For now, instead of git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/bios-syslink.git, we use the gitorious tree. There are some kernel patches missing in ubuntu/linaro 2.6.38 kernel (for now) which are needed to use the latest official tree. (Probably the missing patch is this.)

Note: If you change syslink, you need to rebuild libdce. When you build syslink you build both the sysm3 image, plus syslink libraries used by the appm3 image.

[edit] Build DCE

Add the bios-syslink package into the already set XDCPATH variable

export XDCPATH="$XDCPATH;$HOME/ducati/bios-syslink/packages"

Clone libdce tree in $HOME/ducati/libdce

cd $HOME/ducati
git clone git://gitorious.org/gstreamer-omap/libdce.git
cd libdce

export XDCBUILDCFG="`pwd`/ducati/build/config.bld"
cd ducati/platform/base_image
$XDCROOT/xdc -j4 -PD .

When the build succeeds, the appm3 image will be in out/app_m3/release/dce_app_m3.xem3.

Note: To reduce the size of the images, the debug symbols can be stripped:

$TMS470CGTOOLPATH/bin/strip470 Notify_MPUSYS_reroute_Test_Core0.xem3 
$TMS470CGTOOLPATH/bin/strip470 dce_app_m3.xem3

[edit] Building Linux/A9 side:

Standard autotools build for cortex-a9 side userspace components.

[edit] Build TILER userspace

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/tiler.git
cd tiler
git checkout origin/memmgr_2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

[edit] Build Syslink userspace

Ignore the build instructions in syslink tree if you are building natively. Too much to read..

git clone git://git.omapzoom.org/platform/hardware/ti/syslink.git
cd syslink/syslink
git checkout origin/syslink-2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

[edit] Build DCE userspace

If building natively, clone libdce tree. Otherwise, if cross-compiling, you can use the same copy you cloned on your PC when you built dce_app_m3.xem3.

cd libdce
./autogen --prefix=/usr
make -j4
sudo make install

[edit] Useful Links

[edit] TODO

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