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[edit] Host Setup

[edit] Linux box

Ubuntu is the selected Linux distribution for Linux based environments. Other distributions are available. However, the configurations listed in this wiki will only cover Ubuntu version 8 and 9.

Ubuntu is available for download at:

[edit] Ubuntu's Firewall

Refer to Omap Platform Support Tools for more information on setting up Ubuntu's Firewall.

[edit] ARM Cross Compiler

Refer to Omap Platform Support Tools section for more information regarding Cross Compiler download and installation.

[edit] Windows Box

Symbian and Windows CE/Mobile require a Windows build environment. If you are especially clever you could cross-compile for Linux in cygwin, but if you could do that, you should write the wiki page about that. Cross Compiling in Cygwin.

[edit] Device Platforms

[edit] Android

For instructions on building Android for OMAPZOOM, visit Android Getting Started.

[edit] Angstrom

For instructions on building OMAP Angstrom, visit OMAP Angstrom.

[edit] Maemo

For instructions on building Maemo, visit Maemo on OMAP Project

[edit] Poky

For instructions on building Poky, visit Poky.

[edit] Ubuntu

For instructions on building Ubuntu for OMAPZOOM, visit OMAP Ubuntu.

[edit] Symbian

For instructions on building Symbian on OMAPZOOM, visit Symbian.

[edit] Linux

For instructions on building generic Linux on OMAP, visit OMAP Linux.

[edit] Windows CE/Mobile

This wiki does not contain instructions for Windows CE/Mobile. Contact your TI representative.

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