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[edit] Overview

This page describes the HSI2C software development effort for OMAP3 and OMAP4 platforms. The purpose is to provide information on the current status and features planned in the road map.

[edit] List of Features Supported

The four multimaster HS I2C controllers have the following features:

· Compliant with Philips I2C specification version 2.1

· Supports a standard mode (up to 100 Kbits/s) and fast mode (up to 400 Kbits/s)

· Supports High-speed (HS) mode for transfer up to 3.4 Mbits/s

· 7-bit and 10-bit device addressing modes

· General call

· Start/Restart/Stop

· Multi-master transmitter/slave receiver mode

· Multi-master receiver/slave transmitter mode

· Combined master transmit/receive and receive/transmit mode

· Built-in configurable FIFOs (8, 16, 32, 64 bytes size) for buffered read or write

· Module enable/disable capability

· Programmable multi-slave channel (responds to 4 separates addresses)

· Programmable clock generation

· 8-bit wide Data access

· OCP Interface with local host application (OCP-IP 2.0 compliant)

· Designed for low power consumption

· Implement Auto Idle mechanism

· Implement Idle Request / Idle Acknowledge handshake mechanism

· Support for asynchronous wakeup mechanism

· Two DMA channels

· Wide interrupt capability

· Supports OmniVision Serial Camera Control Bus Protocol (SCCB)

· Compliant with Highlander 0.8

The master transmitter HS I2C controller I2C5 has the following features:

· Support of HS and fast modes

· 7-bit addressing mode only

· Master transmitter mode only

· Start/restart/stop

[edit] Patches merged in;a=history;f=drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-omap.c;h=389ac6032a7be615c3cf78ccf618b607c9ff2bff;hb=e40152ee1e1c7a63f4777791863215e3faa37a86

[edit] Recent submissions to open-source


[edit] Current status of OMAP4 patches in omapzoom tree

GIT tree location:;a=summary

[edit] Features under development

[edit] Future Development Plan

[edit] Information on HSI2C Testing procedures

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