Kernel Summary March 2011

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[edit] Highlights:

Open source

-usb: ehci: omap: add support for TLL mode on OMAP4

-MUSB Idle path retention and offmode support for OMAP3

- Revamp of EHCI & OHCI code to incorporate simultaneous support based on sync layer. (Tested both on OMAP3 & OMAP4)

- Misc defect fixes

Silicon Issues debugging

- Root causes and Worked around various EHCI hw issues on OMAP4.

OMAP5 pre-silicon development

- USB 3.0 device controller level code ready.

[edit] Key Open issues

- Challenges in UART Runtime PM support leading to getting rid of suspend/resume calls in Idle path

- (PCI-Express based) HAPS board availability for USB 3.0 testing

- Integration of external memory into OCP based HAPS board

[edit] Plan for April


- UART code reorganization:

- To separate out most of the code in the driver layer

-Remove code from Idle path

-PM runtime support using Autosuspend feature.

- USB Battery Charger detection root-cause.


- USB 3.0 pre-silicon validation

- Validation on Virtio

- Validation on PCI-express basedHAPS(?) , if available from Synopsys

- Send RFC patches to open source for USB 3.0

- Gadget drivers upgradation for USB 3.0 (Collaborate with other Open source contributors)

- Testing of I2C on OMAP5 Virtio & Zebu

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