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[edit] Project Overview

Welcome to Angstrom on OMAP. The following wiki pages are based on the OMAP Angstrom project currently registered at Below are a list of sections that will help you in installing Angstrom on your target device.

Ångström is a versatile & scalable linux distribution and is based on OpenEmbedded.

Getting Started on Angstrom
Narcissus On-line Builder
On-line Builder Supported OMAP platforms
  • Zoom2/Zoom3
  • PandaBoard
  • Overo
OpenEmbedded Documentation

Community Support
OMAP Generic

IRC: #linux-omap on

Mailing List:

Android: If you run into issues enabling WiLink (802.11, Bluetooth, FM) drivers on the Android platform, a good place to ask is You should first subscribe to this list from omapandroid-discussion


IRC: #angstrom | #oe

Mailing List:

Angstrom Contact List

OE mailing list

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