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OMAP Experts is a program to create and maintain a list of individual community members who have expertise in certain OMAP technology areas and are willing to offer paid services. It is intended for companies working on OMAP based products to find these individuals and employ them either for consulting services or full-time employment. This program and list is not intended to reach out for free support.

Getting started for Experts

Getting started for Employers

NOTE: The list is not intended to reach out for free support.


I know something about OMAP, would you consider me to be a expert ?

There is no litmus test for this. Take a look at the Wikipedia page on expert. If you still believe you have the expertise in specific OMAP technology areas & want to join the program - you are welcome to apply.

Why don't you just the experts edit this page and add entries themselves?

Yes this is possible. However, we would like to gather some analytics on the effectiveness of this program - which quite difficult to implement it on the wiki.

How good are the below experts & is there any guarantee on their skills?

Below list is created based on voluntary submission by community members and there is no guarantee. However, given that these individual have come forward to openly claim expertize it is quite likely they are pretty darn good in the areas they claim expertise. Reach out to them and determine the suitability for your need.

I represent a large service company that offers services on OMAP and we want to get listed here, can we do it?

Below program & list is intended for individual community members only. You may want to consider applying for membership as a partner at TI's OMAP Ecosystem page

Is they any cost to participate?

No. There is no cost for Experts or employers to participate in this.

I am listed below and am currently not wanting more work. Can I get myself removed from below?

Yes. Please write a email from your listed address below to omapadm _AT_ gmail_DOT_com. Make sure your subject line reads: "[OMAP Experts] Remove "

OMAP Experts List

Name Location Area of Expertise Contact Info
Steve Sakoman Palo Cedro, CA, USA Boardbringup & debug, Embedded linux ports, Device drivers, Kernel modifications, Uboot/x-loader port & customization, Root filesystems, Yocto/OpenEmbedded setup, Development Enviroment setup
Hunyue Yau San Jose, CA, USA Linux kernel, ARM Linux on multiple flavors including OMAP1,2,3,4, and other ARM SoC, Boot-loaders, Digital and analog hardware, Micro-controllers, Android/Rowboat, Open Embedded, OMAP1, 2, 3, 4 familiarity, OMAP GPIO, Display/Video output (i.e. LCD interfacing), power management, McSPI, McBSP, I2C, flash (NAND/SD/eMMC/MMC/NOR), USB, USB OTG ("MUSB"), hardware interfacing such as sensors, buttons etc
Grant Likely Calgary, Alberta, CANADA Linux kernel maintenance, Linux SPI subsystem, Linux GPIO subsystem, Linux Device Tree infrastructure, Device tree support on OMAP, Building complete embedded systems
Benjamin Zores (ben) Strasbourg, Alsace, FRANCE Customizing Linux Embedded Systems Development and Integration (OpenBricks setup), Multimedia (Audio/Video Decoding, 2D/3D GFX, UPnP/DLNA streaming), Features Integration and SetTopBox development (possibly GeeXboX-derivated), Linux Software and System Architecture definition per customer specific needs and requirements, OMAP 3/4 board bring-up, kernel/drivers development and BSP integration.
Søren Steen Christensen Aalborg, DENMARK 8.5 years of OMAP knowledge (All the way from OMAP1509 to OMAP44x0 - All IP blocks and interfaces), Hardware (Schematics design and Layout supervising & review), Low level software design and implementation (Linux and non-OS), Board bringup, debug and verification, Tracking down one to a billion HW/SW combined problem, High volume production systems/concepts, Used to serving customers from all around the world
Uri Yosef Tel Aviv, ISRAEL OMAP3, OMAP4, Embedded Linux, Root file system, Android, UBoot, Board bring-up, Device Drivers, GPMC, USB, LCD, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, QT application development.
Tim Yamin UNITED KINGDOM OMAP3/OMAP4. H/W debug, schematic review, full S/W board bring-up (x-loader, u-boot, kernel, user-space) and S/W debugging. Android / OpenEmbedded / buildroot / Ubuntu covered. Device drivers: I2C/SPI/OMAP V4L2 & SGX/MMC/USB/Bluetooth/Ethernet/WLAN/TI PMIC . Userland: C/C++, GTK/Qt/clutter, application/kernel interfaces etc.
Cheng Jian Shanghai, CHINA Hardware design leveraging omap3530 omap4430
Astro Wu Taiwan, CHINA Platform porting experience when in Flextronics : Dual-screen phone project, Tablet project including Code modifications : U-BOOT, Kernel board specific, Drivers BSP (GPIO key, LCD, Sensors, Ducking devices, Android HAL, Android Services for Docking Services, JNI, USB Camera, Battery Charger TWL6030 and all system integration related. Ducati sensor porting. Other personal working experience includes: modifying android platform, frameworks and drivers. And a settop box remote control based on PandaBoard.
Bharathi Subramanian SINGAPORE Linux, Android, UBoot, Board bring-up, Porting, Device Drivers, Customization, GPMC, USB, LCD, LVDS, I2C, Ethernet and User mode application development.
Daya Shanker Patel Gandhinagar, INDIA Linux kernel, Boardbringup, U-boot, X-loader, ARM Linux on multiple flavors including OMAP1,2,3,4, and other ARM SoC, Android/Rowboat, Drivers (GPIO, Display, power management, McSPI, McBSP, I2C, flash (NAND/SD/eMMC/MMC/NOR), USB, USB OTG ("MUSB"), WiFi, BT, FM, GPS, Keypad etc.)
Aashoo Kukreja Delhi, INDIA Camera, Imaging, S3D, Ducati
Kamalakar Garikina Pune, INDIA BSP & Board bringup, Porting, Display Subsystem OMAP4, Android framework
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