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OMAP3(3430 and 3630)

Sl No Description Module Name Upstream Status Owner Permalink Target Week Comments
1omap: serial: fix non-empty uart fifo read abortPlatformAcceptedVikram PanditaView_PatchNA2009-12-7
2OMAP3 : Enable TWL4030 Keypad for Zoom2 and Zoom3 boardsGaiaAcceptedManjunath GKView_PatchNA2009-12-07
3Zoom2/3:Update hsmmc board config paramsHSMMCAcceptedMadhuView_PatchNA2009-12-07
4omap3: zoom2/3: make MMC slot work againHSMMCAcceptedAnand GView_PatchNA2009-12-04
5Correcting GPMC_CONFIG1_DEVICETYPE_NANDNANDAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA2009-12-07
6Add NAND Lock/Unlock featureNANDAcceptedVimal SinghView_PatchAccepted in MTD utils2009-12-08
7OMAP: ZOOM2: Correcting key mapping for few keysKeypadAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA2010-01-06
8omap3: pm: Add T2 Keypad as a wakeup sourceKeypadAcceptedTeerthView_PatchNA2010-01-12
9omap: serial: fix coding style indentaionPlatformAcceptedVikram PanditaView_PatchNA2010-01-12
10omap: zoom3: enable ehci supportPlatformAcceptedVikram PanditaView_PatchNA2010-01-12
11OMAP3 : Fix I2C lockup during timeout/error casesI2CAcceptedManjunathView_PatchNA2009-12-24
12ARM: OMAP3: PM: T2 keypad wakeup for Zoom2PowerAcceptedLesly A MView_PatchNA2010-01-13
13OMAP3: add support for 192Mhz DPLL4M2 outputPlatformAcceptedVishwaView_PatchNA2010-02-10
14OMAP3: introduce DPLL4 JtypePlatformAcceptedVishwaView_PatchNA2010-02-10
15OMAP3: Correct width for CLKSEL FieldsPlatformAcceptedVishwaView_PatchNANone
16OMAP3: Introduce 3630 DPLL4 HSDivider changesPlatformAcceptedMike TView_PatchNA Earlier it was "OMAP3630: Clock: add clock enable function to WA PWRDN bug"
17OMAP3630: Clock: Workaround for DPLL HS divider limitationPowerAcceptedVijayView_Patch NA2010-02-09
183630 DVFSPowerSupersededRomitView_PatchNASuperseded with Nishanth Menon's latest changes in wip-opp branch
19Introducing gpmc nand.c for GPMC specific NAND ini NANDAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA2010-02-08
20OMAP SDP Introducing board sdp flash.c for flashNANDAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA2010-02-08
21OMAP3: Add support for flash on 3430SDP boardNANDAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA2010-02-08
22Zoom3: Defconfig updatePlatformAcceptedManjunathView_PatchNA2010-02-19
23PM debug: Fix warning when no CONFIG_DEBUG_FSPowerAcceptedSergioView_PatchNA2010-01-14
24OMAP2/3 PM: Adding powerdomain APIs for reading the next logic and mem statePowerAcceptedTharaView_PatchNA2010-02-04
25OMAP3 PM: Defining .pwrsts_logic_ret field for core power domain structurePowerPowerAcceptedTharaView_PatchNA2010-02-04
26OMAP: HWMOD: Add support for early device register into omap device layerPowerAcceptedTharaView_PatchNA2010-02-09
27FIX OMAP3:McBSP poll read and write for OMAP3McBSPAcceptedRafiuddin SyedView_PatchTBD No conclusion in LO. Janusz patch is about to be accepted which support only 16bit read/write. [Closed]
28Issue in oamp nand driver with 32-bit reads in prefetch modeNANDAcceptedVimalView_PatchNAPatch is present in Artem's tree in 'dunno' branch.
29Fixing compilation warning for nand omap2.cPlatformAcceptedVimalView_PatchNA
30NAND OMAP correct info pointer in omap_nand_remPlatformAcceptedVimalView_PatchNANone
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