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TITAN is TI Test AutomatioN Tool


[edit] Introduction

TITAN is a java based application, designed to execute driver tests (or any scripted tests) It is available in http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=cristopherson/titan-development.git;a=summary See the gitweb page for cloning details. Most of the development happens in m-titan-v4 branch

[edit] Building TITAN from source

See the readme file at the top of the git tree for building titan from source. http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=cristopherson/titan-development.git;a=blob;f=README;h=64f8512add0e6045e1c56ec274ccd65f77b8b417;hb=refs/heads/m-titan-v4

[edit] Hardware Requirements

TITAN uses the phidget interface kit for hard rebooting the OMAP board. See www.phidgets.com The product ID is 1014

In order to allow other hardware based power cycling system, latest version of Titan has separated out the rebooting interface to a socket API. So if other relay systems are used, a wrapper software has to be constructed which functions as a socket server.

This utility should listen on port 4444, and process the following messages from the core Titan application - "open", "close" and "disconnect"

By default, the phidget relay system is already available and wrapped using the above socket interface. Other relay systems should be suitably wrapped by the users.

[edit] Software Requirements

TITAN uses the Sun JAVA runtime environment to execute.

[edit] Test Descriptors

Test execution is specified using XML files. The XML files have instructions that need to be executed on the OMAP shell, and the regular expressions which detect the pass or fail criteria. For example, the device_driver_test specifies the XML instructions for execution in <device_driver_test>/automation/test_descriptors

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