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[edit] Available choice of IP

There are 2 USB IPs available on OMAP5

This is a Highspeed USB2.0 IP. On the OMAP5 microevm there are generally 2 HS USB downstream ports.

This is a Superspeed USB3.0 IP. On he OMAP5 handset device there is a single Superspeed micro USB3.0 port. Host or peripheral functionality is based and decided by he kind of cable that is connected to this port. When the ID pin is grounded the DWC3 IP switches its mode to act like a host.

[edit] Host Mode Details

[edit] EHCI Host

Please refer to the wiki for OMAP4 since this IP is taken from OMAP4 OMAP4_EHCI

[edit] DWC3 Host

[edit] Required Hardware

It looks like this. USB_30_Type_A_Female_to_Micro_Male_Adapter

As on 10-8-2012, these doesn't exist a "type A micro" doesn't exist in the market so I took one like in the link above and modified it by using a small amount of solder to short the GND and ID pins nicely so that plugging it to the OTG port on the OMAP5 board is not obstructed.

I've used the following superspeed peripherals :Sony and Kingston thumb drives in addition to the low speed mouse and USB2.0 thumb drive

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