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[edit] Zoom OMAP34x-II to Zoom OMAP36x Upgrade Instructions

The instructions outline the procedure for upgrading a Zoom2 (Zoom OMAP34x-II) to a Zoom OMAP36x.

The demonstration of the upgrade process from Zoom OMAP34x-II to Zoom OMAP36x can be seen in below video

The Zoom 3630 Upgrade Kit consists of the following:


The following materials are required to perform the upgrade:

1. ESD compliant strap
2. ESD compliant bag
3. ESD compliant surface
4. HEX 1.3mm screwdriver or equivalent

Step 1: Prepare the ZOOM2 for the upgrade

• Turn off the power to the Zoom2 system and unplug the DC power connector and/or battery

Step 2: Make sure all proper ESD methods are used when handling the Printed Circuit Boards

• Put on an ESD strap prior to the handling of the SOM boards
• Test the ESD strap to ensure it is functioning properly
• Ensure an ESD bag is available to contain the SOM board once it has been removed

Step 3: Remove the existing SOM Bd Assembly from the ZOOM2 system

• Remove the camera cover on back side of the Zoom2 system
• Remove the battery cover on back side of the Zoom2 system
• Remove four mounting screws on back side of the Zoom2 system using HEX 1.3mm screw driver
• Carefully pry up all 4 corners of the SOM Bd using your fingers until it becomes loose
• Place the SOM board in an ESD bag

Step 4: Install the new 3630 SOM

• Remove the new SOM Board from its packaging.
• Take new SOM bd (3630), insert firmly and press to fit on all 4 corners. Ensure that the board is oriented in the same position as the previous board and firmly seat it on the Main Board
• Reinstall back cover with four mounting screws in the reverse order from removal. Ensure not to over tighten the screws.
• Reinstall battery and camera covers

Your Zoom2 has now been upgraded to Zoom OMAP36x and is ready for use!

Please refer to the Bootloader and Kernel Wiki pages on how to build those for Zoom 36x. You can load any software distribution of your choice and can refer to the distro pages for instructions.

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