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EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: See Troubleshooting for up-to-date information and binaries. Information below is outdated.

Setting up your Validation Environment on your OMAP Platform
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Step 1

[edit] Downloading the minimal-FS Environment

We have provided you with some binaries to start with. Download the environment with respect to your platform.

Such old minimal-FS does not work with Pandaboard ES. For a more recent minimal file system, see OMAP Ubuntu Core

Platform Release Notes
PandaBoards L24.9-Pandaboard-minimal-rootfs
  • Contains root-fs, MLO, u-boot,bin, uImage
  • Untar as root for best results.
  • Tested on Pandaboard Rev EA1, A1
  • Release Notes - Sources
PandaBoard L24.9-Pandaboard-validation-fs
  • This rootfs is used to validate whether your board is functioning properly or not. Simply download and install this environment on you SD card.
  • Contains root-fs, MLO, u-boot,bin, uImage
  • Untar as root (If using gparted for partitioning the MMC card, do not forget to check the Boot and Iba flags in gparted tool, after creating partions)
  • Tested on Pandaboard Rev EA1, A1
  • NOTE: HDMI and a thumb drive are optional for completing tests for HDMI/DVI output and testing the USB Host ports. Make sure you Thumb drive is connected prior to booting.
  • Release Notes - Sources

Note: Release names are current releases used from TI. This name varies depending on distro.

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