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EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: See Troubleshooting for up-to-date information and binaries. Information below is outdated.

Setting up your Validation Environment on your OMAP Platform
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What is a minimal-FS Environment

Our minimal environment is based on the Angstrom Distribution. This environment is currently used to test pandaboard + all future community platforms. We have combined some basic tools that should help in board bring up test cases. There is no UI/GUI available for this file system. The environment is command driven only.

Tools included:

Support Platforms: PandaBoard

[edit] Installing our Validation Environment

  1. Download Environment - First get the minimal-FS binaries
  2. SD Configuration - Configure a SD Card
  3. Copy binaries to SD Card - Copy the downloaded binaries to the SD Card
  4. Platform Configuration - Hookup the OMAP platform you have
  5. Setup a serial terminal - Boot up the minimal-FS and configure a terminal to view output
  6. Booting Environment - Boot up options
  7. Environment Tests -- Tools used to test you HW platform environment
  8. What's Next -- Review current status of the kernel, awaiting patches, tree information, and much more...

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