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The Zoom MDP has a robust handheld form factor with wireless connectivity, imaging, video, display technology, software, as well as an optional 3G modem and optional DLP Pico™ projection technology module. It is a full featured platform with OMAP3430 or OMAP3630 processor from Texas Instruments.

The OMAP Zoom and Zoom OMAP34x-II Mobile Development Kits by Logic Product Development are compact hardware platforms based on the Texas Instruments OMAP3430 SOC designed as development platform for wireless applications.


[edit] What is Zoom™ OMAP36x MDP?

The Zoom OMAP36x Mobile Development Platform (MDP) is a fully-featured evaluation platform built around the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP3630 applications processor.

Buy Zoom OMAP36x MDP - Model number MDP-XOMAP3630-10-1024512R

[edit] Upgrade from Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP*

For existing Zoom Mobile Development Platform customers, an individual OMAP36x SOM-LV is available for purchase to upgrade the Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP to a Zoom OMAP36x MDP.

Zoom OMAP34x-II to Zoom OMAP36x Upgrade Instructions

[edit] What is Zoom™ OMAP34x-II MDP (Zoom2)?

An Overview of the OMAP Zoom II hardware and platform Features can be found in OMAPZoom.org

How to get an OMAP Zoom II?

[edit] Zoom2 revision number

The following table will help you to identify the type of Zoom2 board based on the revision number of the board.

Zoom2 revision number.jpg

The revision number of the board is located in back side of the board next to the battery compartment, as shown in the following picture:

Zoom2 hand held pn.jpg

[edit] Zoom2 Schematics, Layout & BOM files

The latest Zoom2 board schematics are publicly available here.

If you wish to download the Zoom2 layout & BOM files for Zoom2, they are available at Logicpd.com. Registration is required prior to downloading.

[edit] Zoom2 Specs and Peripheral Datasheets

Zoom2 Specs and Peripheral Datasheets are available at omapzoom.org.

[edit] What is the correct headset to be used with Zoom2?

Headset Spec:
Speaker Impedance (min): 16 ohm
Speaker Impedance (typical): 32 ohm
Speaker Impedance (max): no maximum
Headset Plug: 2.5mm
Headset Signal Assignment: See Headset Spec
Recommended Headset: Nokia HS-47 headset

[edit] Zoom2 hardware issue tracking

You can track the hardware issues that may exist on your board here.

[edit] What is OMAP Zoom I?

Detailed Product Description along with Board Schematics is available at theTI and Logic PD sites.

How to get an OMAP Zoom I?

The Zoom Mobile Development Kit is now directly available through a number of distributors or from your TI sales representative.

[edit] Software Information

Different software distributions are supported on the platforms and the details can be found in the Wiki

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