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[edit] Project Overview

Welcome to Android on OMAP. The following wiki pages are based on the OMAP Android project currently registered at Android on OMAP has been structured based on the different OMAP platforms on which they are supported. The overall goal is to have Android up and running as fast and easy as possible.

Android on OMAP


  • Quick Start Guide -- Pre-Built
  • Android Build Guide -- Build you own
  • How to contribute
  • Features
  • Project Releases
  • Accessories & Peripherals
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Testing
  • Platform FAQ

Android Documentation Miscellaneous

Community Support
OMAP Generic

IRC: #linux-omap on

Mailing List:

Android: If you run into issues enabling WiLink (802.11, Bluetooth, FM) drivers on the Android platform, a good place to ask is You should first subscribe to this list from omapandroid-discussion


IRC: #android | #android-dev

Mailing List: Android Full Mailing List

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